Guten morgen from Switzerland 

It’s been an interesting week in Switzerland. The clinic is small, with around 20 patients. They are being treat for a variety of conditions, from different types of cancer, to serious infections and neurological disorders. There are several fascinating tests to determine a patient’s needs, from live blood analysis to iris scanning. The remedies range from homeopathy and vitamin infusions to Ozone and magnetic therapies. Ava has had lots of tests, many of which won’t show results for a few weeks. However we have already established that her system is too acidic and that her cells are not producing as much energy as they should be. So far she has been given coenzyme Q10 and magnesium spray for her muscles. She is also going to start detox patches to generally clean up her system. Richard, Angelina and I have also had some tests which have in fact revealed that all of our systems are too acidic. Luckily the diet at the clinic is fundamentally alkaline, as many conditions like cancer thrive on acid. It has taken some getting used to though, as it is mainly vegetarian with twice weekly treats of eggs and meat. It’s something we must try and keep up when we return home though, if we want to see a noticeable improvement in all of our health. Ava has also had some oxygen treatments to help boost her blood and something called ‘Vital Wave’, during which which her vocal output dramatically increased. Richard and I have had some intensive vitamin infusions to keep us going and whilst Angelina hasn’t had anything other than some remedies for her teenage skin, she has been the star of the fitness class. The clinic is a mobile phone free zone and although there is one room with access to intermittent wifi, we have essentially been technology free for a week. We have instead been enjoying playing board games and taking walks in the beautiful scenery around us. We should have our test results in a few weeks time with some more recommendations, so whilst for now the jury is still out on whether the treatments are beneficial, we have at least had a calm and restorative week. The fact that we have met several people with serious illnesses who have made remarkable progress whilst we have been here certainly leaves us very hopeful.  

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