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Day +2

Today has seen Ava get back into her exercise routine and enjoy playing 'Frozen'. We have around 5 days until the chemo depletes her immune system and starts showing its effects. Until then, we're just trying to keep busy... Thanks for your messages! GM

Day +1

It is day +1 post transplant and Ava is doing really well. She is up and dressed and playing happily. Now we begin the slow process of monitoring the fall and rise of her immune system and charting the progress of her engraftment. We expect to be in isolation around 60 days. We are thankful to be off to a great start. GM

Thank you

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for their kind wishes and support. We are both surprised and thrilled by the amount raised at the cake sale! Please do keep your messages coming. We are in an isolation unit, so any contact from the outside world is much appreciated. I will post regular updates here for anyone interested in following Ava's treatment. George (Ava's Mum)