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ArchAngel MLD Trust charity dinner

The fund raising dinner at the Bulgari Hotel in London is just two nights away. For anyone who has not seen the lots yet, the auction catalogue can be viewed here

Bake sale thank you!

A huge thanks to everyone who baked, helped and bought the wonderful goodies on offer today in support of ArchAngel MLD Trust. The cake sale was a huge success with over £650 raised!

Fundraising events

We will start our fund raising at Ava's school, Francis Holland School SW1, on Friday March 28th with a cake sale organised by the charity team at the school. Come at 12:20pm!

ArchAngel MLD Trust: Reason for being

The reason for the ArchAngel Trust: A lovely seven year old named Ava. Ava was recently diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD), a terminal illness, affecting around 1 in every one hundred thousand people. Her family found themselves in very unfamiliar territory with little help and information due to the rareness of MLD. London’s children’s hospitals and specialists said there was nothing they could do and sent them away with a few website links and little hope. Through research, her parents discovered the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Italy, where a 'Gene Therapy' research study was underway. Gene Therapy is a ground-breaking ...